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Men's sweatshirt Dillon Iron blue Men's sweatshirt Dillon Iron blue 2
Mens sweatshirt with zipper

Men's sweatshirt Dillon Iron blue

Hannah Dillon men's fleece sweatshirt with a zip is ideal fortraveling and comfortable leisure time in a city or in thecountryside. Polarsoft Thermo material delivers certainty of maximumthermal comfort, it ensures excellent warmth, it is breathable and hasminimal water absorption. The sweatshirt will please you also with azip closing chest pocket and a...
Men's jacket JAMMU DW Victoria blue Men's jacket JAMMU DW Victoria blue 2
Mens spring / autumn jackets

Men's jacket JAMMU DW Victoria blue

The Hannah Kisses children’s hat for girls and boys have a smallerpom-pom and a great label on the bottom. It has an original t
Ladies jacket Galiano Majolica mel Ladies jacket Galiano Majolica mel 2
Womens spring / autumn jacket

Ladies jacket Galiano Majolica mel

The Hannah Galiano women's parka coat is perfect for the urban jungle.However, its advantages aren't lost, even when you venture out of thecity. You can fasten fur on the hood and you will become a lady, it isperfectly equipped for bad weather, but don't worry, the HannahGaliano jacket doesn't allow any discomfort. It has excellentDuratherm insulation,...
Men's sweatshirt Teak Cordovan Men's sweatshirt Teak Cordovan 2
Mens sweatshirt with zipper

Men's sweatshirt Teak Cordovan

The men’s fleece sweatshirt that you can wear when wondering around the city or in the countryside. The best features of this sw

Everything is tested – the feeling is what matters

The euphoria from riding in virgin powder snow, as the hill tops are softly lit by the evening sun, the feeling of belonging, right there, experiencing the freedom of movement …
Everything is based on the functionality of cut and details, on material resistance, breathability and waterproof quality.
Membrane clothing, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks with help of HANNAH ambassadors are tested during expeditions in the high Asian mountains, on strenuous alpine climbs or under the volcanoes of New Zealand.

Ladies t-shirt ls Elisia Bright white Ladies t-shirt ls Elisia Bright white 2
Womens T-shirts with long sleeves

Ladies t-shirt ls Elisia Bright white

Women's T-shirt with long sleeves Hannah - Elisia in a combination ofcotton and 5 % elastane will make you feel heavenly comfortable . Auniversal cut fits well and it will not bother you, whatever youdecide to do when you have it on. The cherry on the cake is theoriginal print on the front part of the T-shirt.
Ladies pants Garwynet Anthracite (pink) Ladies pants Garwynet Anthracite (pink) 2
Womens outdoor pants

Ladies pants Garwynet Anthracite (pink)

Trousers - Garwynet are a clear choice for all devotees ofmountaineering, via ferrata and trekking and for less demandingtourism. The material used is resistant to mechanical stress, stretchfor maximum freedom of movement and with a balanced ratio betweenbreathability and water-proofing. On your trips you will appreciategadgets such as a fastening hook...
Ladies jacket Giamba Berry mel Ladies jacket Giamba Berry mel 2
Womens ski jackets

Ladies jacket Giamba Berry mel

Women’s ski original of classic cut, fitted with membrane Climatic Element with a water column of 10 000mm and due to this fact
Men's pants Gibson Blue jewel Men's pants Gibson Blue jewel 2
Mens ski pants

Men's pants Gibson Blue jewel

The Hannah Gibson men's waterproof pants with a Climatic Elementnon-porous membrane ensure that you stay dry even duringprecipitations of 10,000 mm per m2 per 24 hours. But why would youwear them whilst walking in the rain, when they are intended primarilyfor skiing? As such they have good Duratherm insulation made frompolyurethane so you don't freeze...
Ladies t-shirt Kaira Living coral Ladies t-shirt Kaira Living coral 2
Womens T-shirts with short sleeves

Ladies t-shirt Kaira Living coral

Cotton women’s T-shirt with lower grammage and 5% admixture of the elastanu, is as lightweight as a feather and very comfortable
Men's pants Anvil II Earthy Men's pants Anvil II Earthy 2
Mens long pants

Men's pants Anvil II Earthy

Men’s trousers - Anvil are ideal for travelling to the any destination. We have manufactured them from breathable and primarily

Leading Czech manufacturer of sportswear, outdoor and ski clothing.

The key production line involves spring, autumn and ski jackets, pants, fleece products, functional underwear, shirts, shoes, backpacks, travel bags and accessories.
Clothing is tested in extreme conditions for maximum comfort and optimal functionality. The brand offering also includes a collection items for leisure and various special sports activities.
Try it and you will fall in love for life!

Originality and workmanship quality

Enthusiasts of outdoors, camping, skiing, mountains and tourism will appreciate the perfect quality and comfort of HUSKY products.
Tested regularly and tried both in laboratory conditions and in various expeditions and excursions to ensure perfection.
Jackets, trousers, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, vests and underwear designed for skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers and extreme sports enthusiasts are available,
but also for classical tourists, who put stress on quality when choosing their equipment - be it in both in summer and winter.

Balance between the quality and price

Trimm becomes a good companion of adventurers as well as all the people who just want to stay active and love the freedom of movement.
Products are determined to all the people who love spending their free time outdoors, practicing different sports or just enjoy freedom in the countryside or walks through the city. Trimm offers high quality garments and equipment which is carefully designed with particular consideration of technology, function, comfort and latest trends. To ensure the high quality of our products, we use the materials of well known brands, e.g. YKK, Nifco, Nexus, 3M, RECCO, DAC, DuPont, etc

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